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What Mix of WFH and Office Time Is Right for You?

Are you being asked by your employer how many days you want to work from the office? Wondering which is best? Balancing the office and home office are key to your productivity and wellbeing.

Figuring out where you do your best work and how much work relating to each task and activity will help make your decision. You may be more creative when pacing the floor and more productive in a quiet space.

This article from Harvard Business Review has broken this decision down into these data-driven steps;

  • Track Metrics that matter. Not necessarily your hours worked but more the end result or ‘fruit of your labours’

  • Look for patterns. Look at the types of tasks you complete and analyse if these are better performed at home or office.

  • Making the Case for Your Hybrid Plan. Providing a summary of the information you’ve accumulated to your manager backing up your claims with data.

Showcasing your ability to manage your own time and workload show initiative and demonstrate your ability to work in the new hybrid workforce.

Read more on this here.

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