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What are the true causes & remedies of Disengagement?

Employee Disengagement is what every employer wants to avoid. We have been locked in a “bunker” during the war against Covid. We are seeing many emerge from the bunker to go back into the workplace and feel that sense of camaraderie.

Employers are now looking for the optimum way to keep employees engaged during the transition back to the office be it part-time, full time or hybrid. But there are many other influences that determine employee engagement levels.

Forbes article by John Feldman discusses the different factors that can determine employee engagement levels far more accurately than where employees prefer to work.

Some remedies include:

Do employees feel supported?

Managers need to highlight the achievements and successes of their employees while addressing their inadequacies to ensure continued development.

Do employees feel challenged?

Managers need to be aware that everyone works at a different pace. Fast thinkers can become bored quickly so ensuring there are challenges for new responsibilities may address disengagement.

Do employees feel motivated?

The last few months have been testing in many ways. Encouraging staff to step away and create a healthy work-life balance are imperative, helping them to stay motivated.

Do employees feel accepted?

DE&I is an important topic lately for employees and employers. What type of culture exists in your company? Ensuring all staff feel accepted and comfortable sharing new ideas and thinking can make a more inclusive environment and increase engagement levels.

Are employees fairly compensated?

Money isn’t everything but it is an important factor. Researching market salaries is the responsibility of both employer and employee. Companies that fail to provide a competitive salary will see engagement and retention rates lower.

Over the past year, the pandemic taught us many things, one of the most important being that employees can be productive from anywhere. Regardless of whether you are working from home or office, neither working spaces are reflective of engagement levels. Addressing the actual causes of disengagement early on is key to helping managers separate the “permanently disengaged” from the “re-engageable,” regardless of where they choose to work.

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