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Urban Regeneration points West

Ireland has always had a thriving market of tech companies locating their European headquarters in Dublin City. Most have located in the East of the City and post Covid the natural next phase of City Development will be focused in the West of the City.

''The publication of the Urban Development and Building Heights Guidelines for Planning Authorities in December 2018 lifted the arbitrary height caps on residential developments and provided a new framework for taller buildings and high density development with the aim of a more compact and sustainable model of urban development.''

There is an ever growing need for housing and with the expansion of new companies flourishing, simply put, where will the new guys go?

We need to think outside the box and broaden our thinking. With enhanced transport links and improved development guidelines, expanding where we base ourselves and how we work are vital to keeping the heart of Dublin City Centre thriving.

Dublin 8 holds a special place in the heart of our founder @Edel Flynn who was part of the team leading the Urban Renewal of @TheDigitalHub the largest Cluster of Digital Media and technology companies in Ireland.

Intriguing article on the Business Post on the projection of Urban regeneration. To read more, click here.



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