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The Future of Work

Covid-19 has accelerated what was already beginning to happen. It has now forced all companies to switch to home-working. This shift will see companies wanting less but more productive team spaces in the future. Office space will need to seamlessly bring together those working in the building and those working from home. Allowing companies to experiment with the physical environment and how they use the office to foster productivity will be the challenge for commercial real estate in the future.

“Processes get locked in place: The only reason schools have such a long summer holiday is because children used to have to go and help bring in the harvest”, Stanford University Professor of Economics Nick Bloom said. “Ideas can be very hard to shift. But I think we could be about to see an explosion in growth.” He was referring to the future of how we work.

The continued rise in remote working and having more satellite offices away from the main company head office will become the new norm. The need for more social and team engagement spaces will be more important to stave off the loneliness. Companies will still need that head office but they will want quality well thought out design that attracts employees in and fosters collobration and team engagement.

The easy use of technology throughout the office and in meeting rooms that connect teams remotely will be key. The rise of flexible office space, satellite hubs combined with home working and social connection with teams within the head office environment; will become the new norm. Companies that embrace the office of the future, will see positive returns in the form of increased productivity.

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