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  • Maeve Harmon

The Daily Commute & how it made me realise, routine is key!


I know I am not the only one who would love to stay in bed and get an extra hour sleep. Dark mornings, and sometimes miserable Irish weather are partly to blame.

Has your daily commute become short and sweet, from bed to desk, since the pandemic?

My commute has changed. Now I travel into town via public transport, as we provide essential services. I am adapting to the early rise. I have become accustomed to the daily mask wearing. I am, dare I say, enjoying it!

I am loving the structure and routine that I am getting from the early rise. The act of getting up to go out is really motivating. I am trying to use my time wisely during my commute, but I also have the commute to switch off mentally before I start and end my day. I’ve noticed because I now have a routine I sleep better and in turn I get up easier (I will never be a morning person, but it is getting easier to get up!)

The commute in general has been a contentious matter for some. With people seeing it as wasted time, the shift to working remotely has been a welcome change. But the downfall for many means the lines of when you start, and finish work become blurred and extended.

What I have learned now has been invaluable and if I work from home again, I have some tips I will bring with me.

• Get up early and go outside. Seems simple but the act of getting out and going on a mini commute can be a great help in starting the day. Some natural light can help kick start your circadian rhythm and getting some fresh air will clear the lungs.

• Listen to a podcast. There are so many different podcasts available nowadays from humour to educational. You could listen to a TED talk, to inspire you for the day ahead! Or catch up on current affairs. I'm really enjoying Basically... with Stefanie Preissner's podcast, so informative.

• Reading. Personally, I am not a huge reader, but I tend to read my Kindle at night to help me relax and drift off. Reading an interesting news article or blog post can be a great way to ease yourself into the daily grind. Why not subscribe to our site to get news and blog updates from us? Click here to visit and subscribe today!

• Games. No, games are not just for kids! My new addiction is Sudoku. I am loving playing this on my commute as I feel I am doing something productive instead of aimlessly scrolling through socials. Sudoku along with other games like crossword puzzles or word searches can help improve concentration. Elevate, another brain training tool, is an app I have been enjoying. It is a game which aims to build communication and analytical skills. Click here if you would like to find out more.

• Music. This one is self-explanatory in my opinion but listening to music can really foster a change in mood. It energises you. Spotify has many different playlists created to suit your mood. Why not try Have a Great Day playlist? It has some classics!

• Movement. There are some great mobility routines that can help open and relieve tired and sore muscles. Working at a desk with limited movement is sure to create niggles of pain and doing some movement can help. Don’t forget, yoga, Pilates or even just some simple stretches can be incredibly beneficial.

• Meditation. Many studies show the power of meditation. Its proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improving sleep and mental health. Headspace app is great for guided meditation. I love their guided sleep sessions which help me drift off if I wake during the night. Headspace note the secret benefits of having a routine, to read more click here.

My tips that I will incorporate into my WFH life are just ideas. Creating a routine, that works for you, can help create boundaries and a better work life balance. It also ensures you incorporate something in your daily life that you enjoy, whether that be a jog in a park or a takeaway coffee. And sure, don’t we all need something to make us feel more calm during this time?

Has your routine changed now that you are working from home? How do you set up your day for success? Let me know your thoughts!



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