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Scheduling time for you!

We are creatures of habit. Routine is soothing for our mental health.

But why should we create a routine? It creates a purpose for your day, a reason to get up. Structuring the day out can mean you can balance out the day. If you have a long meeting before lunch, setting time aside for a walk to switch off and refresh yourself for the rest of the day can be helpful.

Setting good habits and routine with making your bed is a great start to the day
Making your bed is a great start to your day!

Are you feeling a bit meh? Set small yet attainable tasks and complete one task at a time. This can build momentum to continue more. Getting to tick off a task, no matter how small, is encouraging. Before you know it, the day will be full of your achievements.

Getting the best from your day can be achieved by scheduling in time for the most important tasks at hand. Wondering how to get started?

  • Get a notebook and pen. You can start by writing out your tasks and appointments and planning out your day.

  • Want to upgrade your diary game? There are many calendar apps integrated into our phones nowadays, entering these tasks and appointments into the day can be great for diary management. Phones can even tell you when to leave to ensure you get to your location on time! Why not get fancy and colour code each task?

using a notebook and pen to schedule and plan your day of important tasks and appointments
Scheduling in time for important tasks using a notebook and pen.

Keeping this in mind we have put together some ideas on how to place a routine around your work schedule. As we move from WFH and go hybrid we will need to learn to be more flexible in our routines. Getting the foundations of your plan in place now will benefit you in the long run.

Routines Around Work

  • Try sticking to the same regular start and finish times. This will make getting up easier over time and avoid burnout.

  • Create order in your immediate environment. Ensure everything around you is organised and has a home. Creating a clutter-free work area will create a clear mind.

  • Set out a rough guideline for your day. Plans can change, so be flexible!

  • Resist the urge to work through lunchtime. The break and rest can help you break through something you have been struggling with and boost creativity.

  • Scheduling in breaks and meeting with colleagues to catch up over coffee, whether that be in person or virtually, can give a real boost to your day and something fun to look forward to!

having coffee with colleague
A coffee break with colleagues is a great way to reconnect and break up the day.

  • Make sure to get away from your desk and move. Even if you are working from home, some yoga flows or a walk outside in nature can boost your mental health. Step challenges are a great way of encouraging movement while creating a sense of togetherness when teams are dispersed.

  • Do not multitask. Keep a notebook or journal nearby to jot down a random thought and come back to it. Focus on the task at hand and try to keep things simple.

  • At the end of the day note what you got done and move anything outstanding to the next day.

Forming routines around your work schedule can easily be adapted into your home, family, or personal life. Make sure you start small. Keep it simple and attainable. And don’t forget, be kind to yourself!


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