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Returning to work: An update on supports & advice for SMEs during COVID-19

“When are you back in the office? I wonder if things will be different now…”

This is the topic of conversation we are all actively engaging in right now.

With the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Business well into Phase 3, many of us have returned to office life in some shape or form. And while we are back in, we certainly are not yet “back to normal” just yet.

Businesses will need to take action to ensure employees are happy and healthy on their return to the office. However, SMEs leaders are also facing additional challenges in this world of the “new normal”.

For those SMEs looking for a change in flow and how they manage their office and staff, Element78 may be the solution.

Element78 deliver office & SaaS solutions that allow you access fully serviced space with flexible terms or use our technology to manage your corporate space and staff. We tailor our services to add value to occupiers promoting community engagement and use technology to manage internal space, remote working and staff engagement more efficiently.

Our team is happy to work with you to quickly implement social distancing procedures for your team. We are also happy to track what employees need to share and implement relevant controls with clear tracing and accountability in relation to contact tracing within the workplace.

Working at Element78 means you can easily manage the return to work, remote working and flexible working; reducing costs and improving employee wellbeing.

With our help, you will always know exactly who was at each desk, team zone, shared equipment and had general access to an area if contact tracing is needed. Our booking system for desks, inventory, access control, and related makes this process seamless.

Element78 work with our partners to manage serviced properties and mixed use space on their behalf. We act as part of your team to develop enterprise zones, innovation centres and/or serviced property solutions.

Those requiring a virtual office solution can give their business a professional fixed presence with a personalised service. Membership is quick and easy to set up with optional services to suit your business.

For those looking for supports in these times, the Irish Government’s latest €6.5bn in liquidity measures and additional supports aim to help Irish businesses impacted by Covid-19.

The liquidity measures introduced on the back of Phase 3 of this roadmap going into action include up to €2bn in State-backed loans for SMEs that range from €10,000 to €1m and will be 80% guaranteed by the State and offered at below market rates.

It was announced that revenue will also “warehouse” VAT and payroll tax debt accrued by companies during the lockdown at zero interest rates, for a period of 12 months.

A €2bn Pandemic Stabilisation Recovery Fund and a new Restart Fund worth €250m to assist small businesses directly through grants were also formed.

While things may seem tough right now- which they certainly are- it is hoped that these supports can boost businesses in need of a bounce back following lockdown measures.

A full list of supports are now available as per the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation:

With all of this in mind, if you’re rethinking your business operations in line with recent changes we would love to be on hand to support you.

Coworking and Virtual Office options at Element78 can regenerate and revive your business, whilst maintaining the home/office dynamic that employees have become accustomed to throughout these times.

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