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Rediscover Joy at Work

Have you lost your spark? These past months and counting have been incredibly trying on us all. Rebecca Newton for Harvard Business Review discusses how many of her clients, who once were driven and energised are now ‘flat and almost dreading the week ahead.’

Research has shown that joy is an emotional response and outlook that’s vital to our well-being, cognitive functioning, and our performance at work.

So how do we go about getting our joy back? It’s not about striving for perfection. Rebecca recommends four ways to getting the joy back at work.

Build your strengths into your day

What are your strengths? What were you doing when you last felt energised at work? Try to incorporate these tasks throughout your week to help bring back some joy.

Focus on your professional growth

After trying to keep your head above water while a pandemic hit, it's time to reflect on your own development. Take steps to upskill in an area that can further your development.

Share with a trusted colleague

Restore your own sense of authenticity by sharing how you are feeling with a trusted colleague or mentor. Reveal what was challenging but also what you’re grateful for. Sharing your aspirations for the year ahead will notably help you move closer to these goals.

Rebuild relationships through work

To combat isolation, as we come back to the office, find ways to engage in meaningful collaboration. Why not go for a walk to catch up instead of an informal seated meeting

These past months have been challenging for most people, both personally and professionally. At times, joy is understandably far from reach. As the economic, business, societal and personal consequences of the pandemic continue to unfold, simple practices like these may help us prepare for and pursue joy in the season ahead — whatever it may hold.

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