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New Book - Career Elevator by Fiona McKeown

Looking to find your dream job? Fiona McKeown published her new book Career Elevator: A graduate roadmap to getting hired, promoted, and creating your dream job. The foreword is by Tim Draper one of Silicon Valley’s leading Venture Capital Firms, who has been listed on Forbes “Midas List”.

This book aims to inspire graduates to become successful leaders with the soft skills that are essential for today’s business challenges.

Fiona Mc Keown is an educator, entrepreneur, and author. She is the CEO of Bizworld Ireland, a non for profit that inspires the youth of today to become leaders of the future.

Tim Draper is a prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist with venture successes that include Skype, Tesla, Coinbase & Robinhood. He founded in 1997, as he saw a need for inspiring entrepreneurship in children. Tim created Draper University of Heroes, and is a successful author.

Career Elevator is a complementary guide to any curriculum or graduates educational program. So, if you are trying to figure out your next move or recently graduated, this book is an investment with a wealth of information and knowledge with tips to steer you in the right direction

Get your copy here today.

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