• Katie Fleming

My internship experience with Element78

We were privileged to have the the wonderful Lucia join us briefly as part of her work experience elective from the University of Valencia. Read on to find out about her experience working in Element78.

It's my last week in Element78 after 9 weeks as an intern and I can’t believe how fast time has passed!

I was very nervous and scared my first day as it was my first time as an intern, but from the first moment I received a charming welcome. I never had the feeling in Element78 that I was treated as a simple intern, but as an integrated staff member of the company too.

From the first moment, I received full training in order to do the tasks properly and they helped me a lot with every problem I had. It has been really satisfying to see that I was doing well and that they sent me more work as time passed.

During my internship, I did a lot of research about some really interesting topics, particularly: coworking spaces in Ireland, coworking culture, the impact of Brexit and different types of payments software. All of these made me realize that Dublin is a very progressive and forward-thinking city with a strong tech community. Apart from supporting the Element78 team in daily administrative tasks, I also worked on Social Media and with CRM tools.

As well as working hard, I also enjoyed good times with my colleagues outside the office. We went several times to have lunch, coffee, doughnuts and some drinks!

A highlight for me being the fantastic end of summer night which I helped organise and of course my farewell dinner. I think that that this is what happens in coworking spaces; you have the feeling that people you share the office with are not only coworkers, but also close friends.

During these weeks as an intern I had the opportunity to meet other interns from different companies in the office. I believe Dublin is a city where interns are made feel welcome and I am happy I had the opportunity to make a lot of friends and meet great people.

Apart from improving my English, I strongly believe that this internship has made me gain confidence in myself and a lot of experience in the business world too.

I strongly recommend coming here to Ireland to study, work or do an internship and have the chance to live an experience as good as mine!

See you soon Dublin & Element78 !



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