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How Can Company Culture Be Maintained In Hybrid Working?

The office setting we once knew has changed. Keeping corporate culture and interpersonal connections vibrant is much more challenging and many fear the divide between working from home and office will create a division. This article by the HR Director discusses how company culture can be maintained in Hybrid Working.

Recruitment partner Nel Woolcott said:

“Maintaining a company culture may prove to challenge for some employers and/ or HR teams. It may not be possible to carry out the usual team-building activities and collaborative exercises they usually would, and connections between employees can start to weaken due to the distance. However, there are a number of ways to preserve the company culture while staff are working outside of the office. Transparency and communication are key – whether the news is good or bad; employees still want to feel part of the team, so engaging with them on all aspects of the business is key to inclusion, positivity and productivity.”

HR Director share their tips on how to communicate more creatively to aid their company culture.

  • Show confidence and trust in your employees. They have already proved they can work from home. Studies show that employees who feel trusted are much more likely to have high levels of motivation and positivity, leading to stronger productivity rates.

  • Look at remote working as a positive and a way of enhancing the life of your staff. Remote working allows employees to be more flexible with their working hours and gives them new ways to establish and maintain a good work/life balance. Allow them to make a few adjustments and alterations in order to work more happily.

  • Adjusting to remote working has been a challenge for a lot of people, leaving many feeling pressured, scared, confused, and lonely. Not everyone is finding the adjustment easy so remain attentive and list to employee needs – keeping communication channels and social connections open at all times.

To hear more tips and read more on this, click here.

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