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Element78 Tips to Boost Employee Wellbeing

Successful leaders recognise that their employee’s happiness and wellbeing is a key factor to sustaining productivity in the workplace.

I don’t know about you, but I have found it challenging to keep my spirits high during this difficult time and I am a naturally positive person.

It was my birthday last week during Phase 3 of government Covid-19 restrictions; making it impossible to celebrate in any real way. Going into the weekend we had just received news of an extended family member that passed away due to a long-term battle with Cancer. My mood was sent into a downward spiral and went into overdrive of all of the negative knock on effects created by Covid-19.

Emerging from the weekend I went into the office and happened to chat with a client who was also on-site. We talked about nothing and everything; strangely that random chat helped to reset my mind back to its normal positive state.

Last weekend has reinforced just how important it is to boost morale, support others and look at ways that we can do this remotely. The following are ways that I have found to help boost employee wellbeing during Covid-19.

1. Meditation

Help employees introduce meditation practices into their workday by kick starting their practice by hosting a weekly facilitated meditation group session via Zoom. Alternatively contribute funds to allow employees join a local course or wellbeing session. There are also a number of apps offering free meditation sessions you can do during your free time during Covid-19. Some have even developed guided meditations designed for the workplace to support both employees and employers during this time.

My Pick:

2. Show you care

There is nothing more rewarding than to receive a surprise package by post/courier. Who does not love opening a gift, especially one you were not expecting? Ideas include a snack pack, remote working tools to the help brighten your day, seasonal fun such as a Halloween house decorating kit or empower wellness in style such as an activity tracker. Try to support Irish and local!

My Pick:

Gifts Direct or for holiday fun from Roody Originals

3. Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenge is such a great way to kickstart some healthy competition and get wellbeing on the right track. I have been feeling very tired lately I think it is because I am going from work to home life with no other outlet.

I have heard so many companies throwing down step challenges. Goal of “virtually” walking from Malin to Mizen Head over 4 weeks or purely the highest steps per team each week.

Others are enrolling in marathons, triathlon’s and other group activities that and be done independently but together when together is permitted. It gives hope to a return to normal.

My Pick:

Fitbit step challenge. Being the owner of a small company can be isolating and lonely at the best of times. If you want to join Element78 step challenge send an email to we would love to have you join our madness! Trust me you will be helping me more than yourself to get my fitness in gear!

Also check out for the more serious athlete.

4. Promote mental health awareness and counselling

The World Health Organisation says over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression (that was before Covid-19). World Health Organisation Fact Sheet

The workplace can be a key component that can improve well-being including mental health. Workplace wellness programs can identify those at risk and connect them to treatment and put in place supports to help people reduce and manage stress. Poor mental health and stress has a negative impact on job performance and productivity. It is not only the right thing to do, it also makes business sense to invest in wellbeing. There are several ways employers can help and the best place to start is by having a clear strategy to support employee wellbeing.

My Pick:

Element78 Wellbeing Services are happy to help you with your employee strategy and point you in the direction on the many Irish business’s offering wellbeing services.

5. Set up volunteering programs & volunteering days

Studies have shown that volunteering has psychological and physiological benefits. Improving self esteem, life satisfaction, happiness, etc. By offering free days for volunteering and planning group volunteering activities, you will boost employee wellbeing levels whist doing good in your community.

My Pick:

Dublin City Volunteer Centre

Stay safe and always be kind!

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