• Katie Fleming

Could your workday benefit from a Postmortem Process?

As logical employees, (and human beings!) we accept failure as an inevitable part of working life. It's important to accept that the key to success and innovation is how we react to our mistakes and ultimately what we've learned to do differently. Therein lies some great data! And unsurprisingly, Google has devised an official process for it's employees to capture and dissect these so-called lessons of failure, enter Google Postmortem.

While our team has used postmortems primarily to understand engineering problems, organizations everywhere — tech and non-tech — can benefit from postmortems as a critical analysis tool after any event, crisis, or launch. We believe a postmortem’s influence extends beyond that of any document and singular team, and into the organization’s culture itself." JOHN LUNNEY, SUE LUEDER, AND GARY O’CONNOR, GOOGLE APRIL 24, 2018

Here are 3 valuable takeaways from the Postmortem Process, according to Google:

  • Encourages constructive feedback

  • Focuses on improvement and resilience

  • Promotes an iterative and collaborative process


To try it out for yourself, download the template here and personalise it to your own team:

Postmortem Exercise Template



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