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Changing up the WFH: Coworking, Virtual Office services & your business post Covid-19.

There are so many benefits to working from home: it can boost morale, increase productivity and provide a better work/ life balance. It can however have its challenges.

We’ve all been there during lockdown: you’re on an important conference call discussing your new breakthrough, this is your big presentation and you need this to go well. Suddenly, the kids burst through the door and demand your attention. Nobody wanted a presentation with a side of half eaten buttered toast smeared across your notes, did they?

We have all had these moments. Sometimes we do laugh and love them, but there does come a time too that we need to get into a focused zone and get to work without disruption or distraction. It is essential to choose the right business solution that offers flexibility in a supportive and safe environment; this can make all the difference to staying safe and maintaining your sanity during these times.

This is where Element78 can help.

Coworking services:

Our coworking spaces give you the opportunity to rent your own designated desk with high speed internet in a fully serviced office. Based in the heart of Dublin City Centre, our fully serviced office is the perfect space for both sole traders and small businesses to work in a flexible, cost efficient manner that fits with “The New Normal”. We tailor our services to add value to occupiers; promoting community engagement and using technology to manage internal space more efficiently for you.

Recently refurbished with beautiful breakout spaces, a spacious kitchen, meeting rooms, high speed Wi-Fi, included utilities and regular covid-19 compliant cleaning and procedures in place for your peace of mind, our offices offer the perfect spot to refocus away from home.

Your new space at Element78 is located in George’s Quay Plaza in Dublin’s Docklands (known locally as Silicon Docks). The area is a well-established office location with a number of high profile corporate and technology companies. Serviced by an extensive public transport network, the space also benefits from a host of amenities to cater for all staff.

Virtual Office:

Working from home may be working for you, but if you need control over your business presence then a Virtual Office service could be the boost you need.

Our Virtual Office experience gives Element78 clients access to a secure mail handling service, local telephone number and access to our suite of services like meeting rooms and hot desks, on a pay as you go basis.

“The New Normal” requires us all to adapt and adjust our business practices, with the virtual office becoming a part of our lives that is likely here to stay in some form. This opportunity gives businesses the chance to use our service to take the reins on their business presence and operate to a high level without the large maintenance fees, insurance costs, or traditional extras that they would need to pay if they were to rent a private office.

Our service gives businesses the unique chance to take control over finances post-Covid and establish a global presence without the headaches. It’s like paracetamol for your business planning and daily operations: a true no-brainer when you need it.

Element78 are proud to support local and large throughout this return to the workplace, and we have solutions for everyone looking for a new direction post-Covid.

Why not begin your experience with us today? It’s your move.

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