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Can hybrid working help to make companies more inclusive?

Interesting article from JLL which discusses how shifting to the hybrid working model can improve inclusion and diversity. They spoke with Saadia Sheikh, Vice President Brokerage & Innovation at JLL to share their thoughts.

As more companies back hybrid working, it’s not just employees who are benefitting from greater freedom in their workday; companies are equally finding it’s supporting their efforts to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

With increasing investment in workplace technology such as high-speed internet, video conferencing platforms and online collaboration software, the digital transformation of business operations is giving rise to greater flexibility in terms of where and when people work.

By allowing employees to attend meetings virtually, it lets people manage their own time and responsibilities like childcare. Enabling people to work from home for half the week allows people to live outside the city on lower rents while also supporting those who are less abled who may struggle to commute every day.

Supporting Diversity

By embracing a greater range of ideas and perspectives, more diverse workplaces also foster a working environment where more people feel empowered to speak up, which often translates to improved innovation and business performance, according to McKinsey. Although more companies now have diversity and inclusion policies in place, translating these into reality is an ongoing challenge. Global corporations such as General Motors and Salesforce, have implemented diversity programs to train staff, reduce bias in the recruiting process and foster an inclusive environment.

Designing for All

When employees are in the office, inclusive workplace design is a core part of helping people feel comfortable and do their job to the best of their abilities.

“The workplace plays an important role in diversity and inclusion, as a space that can be accessible and equitable to people of all ages, backgrounds and needs,” says Sheikh. “Enabling the workplace with technology is key to retaining talent because it helps support employees with different needs, ultimately creating a workforce that is diverse and engaged.”

As hybrid working becomes part of every working day life, companies will need to look at ways to make people feel included and part of the team whether they are based from home, hub or work.

Getting inclusion and diversity correct will ensure companies retain staff.

Read more on this here.

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