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Are You Ready To Return To The Office? ✔

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

This month has marked the one-year anniversary of working from home for many. This is set to continue for some time, but with vaccine rollout in full swing, it is now time to assess - are you ready?

Below are our top things to consider when returning to the office:


A recent JLL study conducted on over 2,000 employees found 66% of employees are expecting to be able to work from different locations post-covid; however, 74% of employees still want the ability to come into an office. This demonstrates the new shift of people wanting a more flexible working arrangement.

Before the return to work, creating a staff survey and listening to the wants and needs of your employees is key to ensuring your company starts out on a good foot returning to the office.

Once you’ve gathered the results you should have a better picture of the general consensus amongst staff and their expectations. Implementing measures with solid data is beneficial.

Work from anywhere is here to stay.


With social distancing being a key feature in the office, it is essential to rethink its utilisation. With a reduced workforce, how will you optimise space for certain activities? Do you need to look at how your space is currently being used?

Team projects and creative collaboration. Private meetings and coffee catch-ups. All very different types of communication with differing needs.

Looking at the space and repurposing it to be more beneficial for the employee experience will enhance working relationships and strengthen employee wellness, collaboration and culture. Look at ways to engage your staff. Ensuring the utilisation of your space is used properly is key for real estate.

Creating a destination workplace with a clear workplace strategy is essential.


During this last year, many different roles have been created from the ever-changing needs of the pandemic. With the government announcing the introduction of the right to work from home, are you ready to meet the needs of your staff to ensure full support to both management and staff?

Employers have a duty of care towards their staff. From the physical and mental health needs of staff, from working at home to the office or hub - work is no longer a place that you go to; it is a place that work gets done. Work from anywhere is here to stay.

Strategies need to be addressed for retention and additional support. What is on offer to employees currently? Communication to staff on how best to manage work-life balance is imperative. Holding regular weekly/daily meetings with them either in person or remotely will ensure regular contact.

Implementing actions that directly respond to pulse surveys to show true employee engagement will become much more relevant.


Property technology has been around for some time now, but Covid-19 has accelerated its necessity within real estate. By using cloud-based dashboards and smartphone applications, companies can control many of their building's operations from appliance control to energy management. Touchless experiences are the future norm.

Technology today can assist in automation, helping you manage your workspace from employee capacity to meeting room utilisation to engaging employees regardless of their work location.

Choosing the best tech to assist your staff will assist in continued productivity, communication, and team collaboration.


Unlike Dolly Parton, working 9-5 is no longer feasible. To ensure the safety of staff, the introduction of staggered start and end times is a way to reduce the spread. This can also ensure break and lunchtimes are spaced out.

An IBM study found that 20% of respondents who regularly used buses, subways or trains now said they no longer would after the crisis passes, and 28% would use it less. More than half surveyed would reduce or even eliminate ridesharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) as an option.

Ensuring staff are comfortable coming to work eases the fear and ensures the working environment is safe for everyone.

Technology that can manage the capacity of staff onsite can be helpful in managing this environment.


The return to work for some will be met with excitement at meeting their colleagues in the flesh but for others, it may induce fear and anxiety.

Compassion is so important with the re-entry for your employees. They have had the safe confine of their home and re-entry back into the office while mixing with others may induce some anxiety.

Communication is vital to inform staff of the safe environment and measures you have taken.

We can help you with each of these challenges! Get in touch with Element78!


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