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4 Tips to Manage Childcare When You Go Back to the Office

With the return to school just around the corner, we share some tips from Harvard Business Review on how to manage childcare when you go back to the office.

The logistics of childcare, hectic schedules and just simple life that may disrupt the working week are tough to navigate. ‘It seems daunting but there is good news: The past year and a half have taught us things that will help us emerge even stronger than when we entered the pandemic. ‘

Below, we delve through the four different approaches to consider;

  • Keep your pod. The pandemic meant that we had to reduce our contacts and in turn meant choosing the one pod to socialise, share meals and childcare. Expanding your pod to include multiple families means you extend the help available to you.

  • Find people with the same patterns of your life. Utilising families whose schedules are similar help in the event something unexpected comes up.

  • Build your professional backup bench. Having a network of childminders or trusted professionals in your back pocket can be great for any last-minute hiccups.

  • Build your own backup. Speaking with your manager explaining that in some cases you may need to tend to the children if plans fall through is important along with their support and understanding.

Creating more social structures around you will no doubt help and can assist in the day to day running of a family.

Read more on this here.

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