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4 Strategies For Building A Hybrid Workplace That Works

An article from Harvard Business Review states, “a well-executed hybrid workplace can be a magnet that brings people together and helps us work better than ever before”.

The future of work is hybrid: 52% of U.S. workers would prefer a mix of working from home and the office, saying it has a positive impact on their ability to be creative, solve problems and build relationships.

They concentrate on 4 key strategies:

  1. Blending digital & physical experiences. Observing how technology plays a role in the office and the organisation will assist in blended learning.

  2. Flip Enclosed & Open Spaces. Looking at how the space is managed and designed will be a major focus. The shift to more activity-based work will mean the layout and functionality of the office will need to be addressed.

  3. Shift from fixed space to fluid. You will need to address your current real estate strategy and look at new ways to optimise your current space.

  4. Balancing “We” and “Me” work. Companies will need to provide space for all types of working whether that be activity-based or lone working. Fulfilling the need for an employee to take a call in a quiet space will be required in conjunction with activity-based planning. Getting the balance right is important because not all people enjoy working from home. Many may have external distractions outside of their control.

Companies need to act now. Should they not, they risk frustrating their employees as they haven’t provided a space for the new way of working. Those who act now will show their employees they are committed to fostering innovation and inclusion.

Check out the full article here.

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